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    I've done, drawing, mixed media, and photography for years. I have an old Pentax with me that I've used since my Hawaii days. Lost it don't know where it is now. Gone all digital.
   Sunsets, people, rainforests, flowers, cats, you name it, are of interest to me.
   I grew up in Illinois, went to school in Hawaii, and I've spent a long time in the Pacific Northwest.
   Once a long time ago I thought of myself as a "fine artist" now I'm not sure I know what that means. I guess it means I do art. That used to mean something, and now it means something for the web. The gallery scene is well a scene I don't like much.
   I found that I liked computers, 3d Studio, digital art, web work, and Photoshop, and this site is the result.

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Updated 08/22/08

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